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Thank you to everyone who bought mugs on Black Friday.
Have a great Holiday!
May all your Tiki Mug dreams come true.

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Maui Tiki Crawl 2016

Maui Tiki Crawl 2016


Kona Tiki Mug

Tiki Mugs by TikiRob

I began making Tiki Mugs in 2009 as a hobby. I wanted to do it to help pay for my Tiki Mug collecting obsession. Well now I’m obsessed with making tiki mugs! I work on mugs in the evenings and weekends, so I only turn out a few a month. My tiny kiln only can fire 7-8 mugs at a time so please be patient if ordering a custom mug. I’m overwhelmed by the support from the Tiki Community and I’m stoked to be part of it.

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Enjoy my website!